Friday, September 19, 2008


My short lived and pathetic attempt at blogging is very much on hold for now as I am too busy trying to be Mommy to 4 kids and Police Cadet at night. Yes,it comes as a shock to many, I want to be a Police Officer for BYU. So far (2 weeks) I like it and it is really, really hard. I run a mile and a half every day (hopefully in under 14 min.)and I do 25 push-ups (no stopping) and 30+ sit-ups (in one minute) and hopefully I can jump 17.5 inches higher than my reach (I run around the house jumping all day). I'm getting lots of support from my kids and Rhett is still warming up to the idea. There are 32 "boys" and 3 other women in the UVU Police Academy. Those boys almost broke my wrists off in defense tactics the other night, but I let experience the Mommy death grip, and they learned not to underestimate women. I just scored a 96% on my first criminal law test and I was pleasantly surprised that my brain still works. Well, it's a new adventure for me and I am just excited to be out of the house (like a caged bird set free). Tomorrow I have another 8 hours of Criminal Law. YEA! NOT.


Unknown said...


You have our support! I'm glad to see you spreading your wings out there in the world...You're amazing and you will go far!
Enjoy the ride!
We miss you from afar

Iris said...

You truly are an inspiration! Go Sarah!!! We love you so much!!!