Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Max keeps telling me he wants to grow up to be a photographer and he frequently asks to take pictures with my camera. Normally I delete the pictures because they are redundant and not well thought out. I was however pleasantly surprised by this last set, it seemed to show what his world looks like to him and what he values or finds interesting. ENJOY!

Friday, June 6, 2008

RACING to 34

Rhett's birthday was way back in March but it has taken me this long to find the cord (and time)to download the pictures off the camera. This birthday was the most FUN so far, and it took very little planning on my part. First I took Rhett to the Larry H. Miller Race Track for a private tour of the behind the scenes at the raceway.
My friend from Russia, Heather Neilson Miller married Brain Miller and he happens to manage the track, so she was nice enough to hook us up. It was fun and interesting (Rhett loves the Race Track). Later we had lots of friends show up to race go-carts and it was a blast! The wives all cheered from the sidelines and it was intense.

The top leaders competing for first place were....Rhett (of course), Wade Longman, Nate Simpson, and Tom Felt. The rest of the team put in some real good effort, but seemed to play the role of obsticles to pass.
After the go-carts we raced to CPK and got there just minutes before closing. It was good food and lots of laughs. I'm glad Rhett had a fun birthday because all my past attempts to make it a specail day did not always turn out so well. I love Rhett with every added year and he is worth all my "good intentions"